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New Greenhouse Universe - Same Greenhouse Expertise

The Halls Qube series is a collection of modern and functional greenhouses, launched in 2019. In 2024, the Qube series is expanded with the Qube Square, which is a square greenhouse featuring the classic Qube details...

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Expansion in the Halls range

The Halls Qube series is a collection of modern and functional greenhouses, launched in 2019. In 2024, the Qube series is expanded with the Qube Square, which is a square greenhouse featuring the classic Qube details...

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On May 1st, 2023, third-generation owner, and current CEO Nikolaj Stærmose will step down from daily operations and become chairman of the board of Juliana Drivhuse A/S. Jesper Vilstrup will be the new CEO ...

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Cheptigt Primary School, Kenya ​​​​​​​

Ahead of a trip to East Afrika in 2017, i came into contact with a retired couple from funen, that had run a school project for several years in Kenya. During the trip ...

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Juliana Group Turns 60 Years Old

In the beginning of the 1960s, Juliana’s founder lost his job and therefore had no way of providing for his little family of five. This led ...

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A Special Greenhouse for Our Anniversary

Julianas new annivesary greenhouse is inspired by classical greenhouse models and is developed for the morden garden owner, who has many ...

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Two Big News in 2023

Two big news with room for even more greenhouse life. The new 2023-catalog from Juliana shares two big news. Two of the popular greenhouse model has been expanded with new sizes, making even more room for the greenhouse life ...

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Funen Powers Brought Together at CPH Garden

Juliana Group is once again a sponsor for one of the eight show gardens, that are designed for this years garden festival i Cph Garden 2022, that takes place ...

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Art Exhibition at Juliana Headquarters

Friday the 4th of february Nikolaj Stærmose and artist Nille Bech revealed the new decoration at Juliana headquarters ...

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New Model with Room for Expantion on the Wall

The popular productline Halls Qube expans with a new model i four sizes, that makes it possible to utilize ...

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Juliana City Greenhouse

Juliana Wins Designer Award

Bolig Magasinet conscribed in the spring of 2021 the compititon Design Favorites 2021. The readers could, in a line of categorties, vote for their favorite among the nominated products. Juliana Urban City was nominated in the category Outdoor Life and selected for the competition. The voting lasted over a month and was ...

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The Danish Automation Award 2020

After introducing the package robot at the factory in Odense, Denmark, DIRA (Danish Industrial Robot Association) nominated Juliana Greenhouses ...

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Greenhouseforum Now Has a Column

The inspirational univers with greenhouse knowledge, tips, tricks and hacks for a good greenhouselife is expanding with a column ...

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Cold Frames to the Royal Kitchengarden

Juliana almost became a purveyer to her Majesty in July 2020 -  or at least a purveyer to a royal kicthen garden.🌱Earlier this summer ...

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Room for Special Events

In the first few days of May, there were beautiful photos circulating on several social media platforms of a new type of restaurant in Amsterdam. The Covid19 crises has challanged ...

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Robot Arms to Give Room to More Hands

In a business, that today is characterized by manual labour in both productions and packeging and very little automazation takes the funen ...

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Juliana Grand Oase 18,8 m2

Big Multifunctional Climatescreen

In the new 2020-brochure from the danish greenhouse manufacterer, you will find this years news; Juliana Grand Oase ...

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New Greenhouse Accesorie

Tea Light Candles in the Greenhouse - That Is a Good Time

Candle light in the greenhouse can in the late hours create a warm atmosphere, when the greenhouse is used as a space for socialization and a goood time ...

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Halls Qube+

A Strong and Elegant Greenhouse in a New and Bigger Version

In 2020 Halls Qube launched in a new and bigger version Qube+. Halls is the worlds oldest greenhouse brand, that today is owned by ...

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The Greenhouse Speaks to the Tendencies of the Future – at CPH Garden  

The danish greenhouse manufactorer Juliana Group is once again apart of CPH Garden. Juliana is there, partly as a sponser ...

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Juliana Urban Series

The Urban Life Florishes

To cultivate chili, tomatoes and spices on a few squaremiles in the city has become a hit and are now providing the danish greenhouse manufacturer Juliana ...

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Halls Qube

New Profilesystem

The worlds oldest greenhouse brand Halls introduces the biggest news in thirty years. Juliana Group introduces a entire newly developed profilesystem ...

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A New Line for a Old Greenhouse Brand

In connection with the launch of a new and unique greenhouse in the Halls series, Juliana Group has choosen to re-design Halls ...

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Juliana Grand Oase and Premium

News - Wall Models

The danish greenhouse manufacterer Juliana launches to new greenhouse models, that are assembled on a half wall. This speaks to the estethicist ...

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Juliana Grad Oase 13,0 m2

Great Luxery to the Garden

New roof construction and entrance in the long side. Julianas new greenhouse Grand Oase oblige with the customers demand for unique outside space, where there is room to grow both radishes and the good life. The years news from Juliana Groups is Grand Oase, the provides room for the familly ...

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Juliana Oase 8,8 m2

Big Success Gets a Little Sister

The Juliana new greenhouse Oase 13,5 m has been so popular among the customers, that the company is now lauching a little sister, Juliana Oase 8,8 m2. The little new ...

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Juliana City Greenhouse

Cultivate Under Glass on Your Balcony

Space is no hindrance if you wish to cultivate chili, spices or cherry tomatoes. The new City Greenhouse from the danish ...

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Juliana Oase 13,5 m2

A Square Gem in the Garden - the Ideal Outdoor Space.

Juliana are for the first time launched a greenhouse, that combines cultivating with a good life. Oase is the ideel outdoor space for the qualityminded ...

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New Greenhouse Accessories

Watering in the Greenhouse.

Juliana has developed a rainwater collector that can be integrated with your greenhouse. When you save water. it is good for the enviroment and for your wallet. Most rainwater barrels er not particular ...

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Juliana Veranda

A New Lean-To Greenhouse

A greenhouse leaning against a wall has the special ability that the heat collected during the day keeps the house warm for many hours after the sun has set. That is beneficial for both plants and people ...

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Juliana Orangery

A Green Oasis in the Garden

The fact that the well-known greenhouse has gained new functionality in recent years is greatly emphasized with the new Juliana Orangery. Spaciousness, design, and functionality come together in perfect harmony ...

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Juliana Group is a leading global supplier of quality residential greenhouses. Founded in 1963 by Mogens A. Stærmose in Odense, Denmark, the family-owned company is today owned by third generation, Nikolaj Stærmose. The headquarter remains Odense-based with subsidiaries in the UK and Germany and export to more than 20 countries.

’We help people grow’. That is why our brands Halls, Juliana, and Gabriel Ash all set the frame for experiences that are as natural as they are magical. Despite our long history, we’re future-focused and curious on how we can improve the sustainability of our greenhouses. Learn more about Juliana and find inspiration for life in the greenhouse in our inspirational universe.​​​​​​​