Halls Qube+
​​​​​​​A Strong and Elegant Greenhouse.

In 2020 Halls Qube was launched in a new and bigger version by the world’s oldest greenhouse brand Halls, which is owned by Juliana Greenhouses in Odense, Denmark. Halls Qube+ is a kind of greenhouse revolution as it has gotten stronger box section profiles and an elegant visual look.

Published on the 9th of March 2020

Halls Qube and Qube+ are based on a unique and newly developed profile system. It is innovative as the unique box section profile composes the main part of the greenhouse profiles and adds exceptional strength. Further the greenhouse has a simple and elegant visual look because the toughened safety glass is attached with a special fitting. The door system has also been developed. The sliding doors are attached to a sliding track, known from the drawer system. In this way the doors do not need any stays, like most traditional doors. Halls Qube+ is easy to assemble as there are few different profiles and the ridge is separate from the gutter, so you don’t have to balance it all at once.

Qube greenhouses are manufactured at the Danish factory in Odense, Denmark. That is also news, as all other Halls products are manufactured in the Far East. With investments in new machinery and the new construction of the Qube models, Juliana Greenhouses A/S has managed to lower the cost of production and create a new production in Denmark. This means more Danish jobs and a reduced imprint on the climate, which makes sense.

Atmosphere and easiness!

Halls Qube+ provides the same lightness and timeless design as Halls Qube.

The greenhouse has strong profiles, that garentees a robust and solid house, with a simple and elegant expression.

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