Big News in the 2023 Catalouge

In the Juliana catalogue for 2023, two big news will be introduced. Two popular greenhouse models are extended with two new sizes, providing room for even more greenhouse life, both growing and relaxing

Published on the 23rd of November 2022

Juliana Grand Oase and Juliana Orangeri are both extended with a new size, The two new members of Juliana’s product range are perfect for garden owners who can’t get enough room. For families who dream of a room in their garden with room to grow herbs, chilies, and tomatoes, but also room for being together with good friends on nights when the dew falls or when it is cold outside.

Juliana Orangeri 21,5

In 2023 Juliana Greenhouses introduces a bigger edition of the popular Juliana Orangeri - the classic greenhouse with a bay window, the new size is 21,5 m². Compared to the previous Juliana Orangeri, the new model is extended in length, and the bay window is deeper and more spacious. The extension means that it is now possible to choose between 15 m² and 21,5 m² if your dream is a Juliana Orangeri.

The development of the model means that it is possible to place the double stable doors in the gable instead of the bay.

The Juliana Orangeri is manufactured in anthracite-lacquered aluminum profiles, black doors and windows with toughened glass. In the ridge bar, it is possible to add cresting to complete the classic look.

Juliana Grand Oase 25,6

Since the introduction of the Juliana Grand Oase in 2018, the greenhouse with the pyramid-shaped roof, the extra high eaves  and double stable doors on the long side has become a huge success. In 2020 the model was extended for the first time, and now a new size has been released to make room for even more greenhouse life in Juliana’s to-date biggest greenhouse.

The greenhouse is constructed with an aluminum frame that enhances the construction. Because of this, there is no need for collar beams, giving the greenhouse an extra spacious feeling.

The greenhouse is constructed in anthracite-lacquered aluminum profiles, black doors and windows, a ventilation ‘hat’ in black aluminum with cylinders that ensure automatic ventilation, and toughened glass. There is a standing height of 1,95 m and a total height of 3,31 m.

Double up on Well-known Greenhouse Joys

The latest new sizes in Juliana’s extensive product range have the same well-known and excellent functionalities and details as the rest of the product range. Among other things, the doubled-hinged stable doors, the lowered doorstep, the gutter with tilt function, and the door handles with lock. The greenhouses are manufactured and supplied directly from the Danish-owned factory in Odense, as the other products in the Juliana range.


Juliana Group is a leading global supplier of quality residential greenhouses. Founded in 1963 by Mogens A. Stærmose in Odense, Denmark, the family-owned company is today owned by third generation, Nikolaj Stærmose. The headquarter remains Odense-based with subsidiaries in the UK and Germany and export to more than 20 countries.

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