Juliana Orangeri
​​​​​​​A Green Oasis in the Garden

The new Juliana Orangeri certainly underlines how the well-known greenhouse has gotten a new functionality. Spaciousness, design and functionality all come together.

Published on the 2nd of January 2015

As always when we launch a new model, we are excited to learn what the consumers think of our product

– Nikolaj Stærmose

The Danish company Juliana Greenhouses A/S are in full swing with the product development. The company has designed and developed an entirely new profile system of aluminium, which has been the foundation of all new models launched in the past couple of years. In 2015 the new Juliana Orangeri came. It is a beautiful frame of the wonderful life in the garden.

“As always when we launch a new model, we are excited to learn what the consumers think of our product.”, says the CEO Nikolaj Stærmose. The first model was put into production at the factory in Odense, Denmark, in December, and the first orders have already been placed. The Orangeries are produced for the stockroom from where they are then shipped to the customers. You can find the nearest Juliana retailer here and get more information about the greenhouses.

The Juliana Orangeri is made in 0.12 inches longitudinal toughened glass. They give the house a beautiful look compared to the traditional greenhouses with parted glass. At the same time the toughened glass provides extra strength and safety if any accidents should happen. Toughened glass shatters in tiny pieces, like a car window, whereas regular greenhouse glass breaks in larger pieces, hence it is easier to cut yourself on it.

You can choose between two varieties of colour: Black/aluminium or black/anthracite. In both variants it is the doors, windows and fittings that are black lacquered as a standard. For the house’s four windows you can buy automatic window openers so you don’t have to remember to air out yourself. The big gutter and downpipe secure drainage from the large roof.

Create a community!

Juliana Orangeri is a luxury greenhouse. The house, with its double doors and bay, is ideal for you, that wishes a space for cultivating your plants and the community

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