Juliana Oase 8,8 m2
​​​​​​​Great Success is Getting a Little Sister

The 'litte new' is a square pearl to those who has lesser place in the garden, but still wish for a unique outdoor space.

Published on the 11th of October 2016

Juliana’s new greenhouse the Oase 12x12 ft has gotten such a nice welcoming that the company is now launching a little sister: The Oase 9x9 ft. The new smaller quadratic pearl is for those who has less room in their garden, but still wants a unique outdoor room.

This spring Juliana Group launched a new greenhouse in an absolute league of its own – the Juliana Oase 12x12 ft. A new quadratic greenhouse that oozes luxury and summer house vibes. With the new model Juliana Group wanted to offer a new greenhouse experience – a room with many possibilities and few limitations. Luckily the consumers have loved the Juliana Oase from day one.

“There has been a great interest in the greenhouse as it feels like a large room, so we are now ready to introduce a little sister. The large Oase is a unique greenhouse, but you need a garden of a certain size. With the new smaller model, we wish to give the opportunity to more garden owners to have their own oasis in their garden,” says Nikolaj Stærmose, CEO of Juliana Group.

With this new smaller model we wish to give even more garden owner a oppertunity to get their own little oasis in the garden

– Nikolaj Stærmose, CEO of Juliana Group

From Villa to Urban Space

In the cities urban gardening is becoming popular. Courtyards are blooming and outdoor communities are sprouting. Regardless if you have a small urban garden, a cosy courtyard, a villa garden or a sunny terrace the new Juliana Oase 9x9 ft will frame many nice moments of both classic cultivation and pure relaxation – a natural oasis.

With the Oase aesthetics and functionality come together. This model is absolutely top class and offers unity and outdoor life for many years.

Outdoor space with a high ceiling!

Aesthetics and functionality are key elements in Oase. This is a product in absolut top class, that ensures your garden dreams many years to come.

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