Halls Qube Lean-To
New Model Creates Space for Vegetation on the Wall

The popular product line Halls Qube is being extended with a new model in four sizes which makes it possible to use a wall when the greenhouse dream needs room to grow.

Published on the 3rd of January 2022

New Model Gives More Oppertunities

In the popular Halls Qube product line a lean-to model in four sizes is being launched. Two smaller greenhouses that is a more obvious choice if the space is small but the desire to put those green thumbs to use is great, and two bigger greenhouses which give room to live out the desire for cultivating and the dream for lazing. The Qube line, which was launched a couple of years ago, consists of Halls Qube and Halls Qube+ which both are free-standing greenhouses with single door and double doors.

The four new greenhouses are named ‘lean-to’ meaning the greenhouse leans against a wall. With this type of greenhouse, the wall of the house gets heated during the day, and at night the heat is being released to the greenhouse. This helps to create some good conditions for growth especially during the off seasons.

Response to a Demand

The previous years’ increased interest in house and garden and the choice of climate awareness regarding self-sufficiency have resulted in a significant increase of demand for greenhouses. Houses and gardens are different and so are the customers wishes and needs. Not everyone has space for a big free-standing greenhouse, but with these four greenhouses more customers can make use of unused space in the garden by utilizing a part of the wall of a house or a shed for a greenhouse.

Strong Profiles Give an Elegant Design

The Qube-design is inspired by the industrial glass constructions and is a light glass construction with strong aluminium profiles as the main element in the construction. The Halls Qube product line is made of a strong custom designed pipe profile system. In addition, the elegant and clean design is reflected through some stylish functionalities which make the Halls Qube greenhouses a unique product in strength and style. As the other models in the Qube-series, the Qube lean-to is constructed in black powder-coated profiles.

The greenhouses come in 3mm toughened glass which is installed with double-sided tape and retaining strips that give the greenhouse a light and modern design. Pearly white polycarbonate plates for the roof cover the two largest greenhouse sizes. The plates give shelter against rays and insulates against heat and cold so the climate in the greenhouse is comfortable for people and plants during most of the year.

The doors are made with a low threshold providing easy access. For the sliding doors a solution has been developed, which is similar to how drawers in a drawing system are pulled out. The door is installed on two sliding rails at the top and bottom, which gives a robust, easy sliding and nice-looking sliding door.

The sliding rail at the top is integrated in the wide roof gutter which can contain large amounts of rainwater. For this you can purchase a 40mm drainpipe.

The two large models have two casement windows, that help ensuring the necessary ventilation. The wall brackets are with long holes, which facilitate the assembling on an uneven wall, here for example an old stucco wall can also be suitable for a greenhouse. For all four sizes you can purchase perfect carved 12 cm tall galvanized steel profiles, which are assembled with casted fittings and then casted in the ground for a robust base for the greenhouse. The rails in the profiles make it easy to install current greenhouse accessories from the Juliana assortment and the Halls assortment.

Halls Qube lean-to comes in either mini-greenhouses in 0,8 m2 and 1,2 m2  and in normal greenhouse sizes in 4,7 m2 and 7,1 m2. The two small greenhouses are with single doors and the two large ones are with double doors. All four sizes are designed with casted plastic brackets at assemblings and ends and nut caps, that make a nice finish and complete the clean look.

Danish Design Made in Odense

Halls is one the world’s oldest greenhouse brands, and is today owned by Juliana Group A/S in Odense, Denmark. Qube greenhouses are designed and developed by Juliana Drivhuse and the greenhouses come directly from the factory in Odense where they are produced. With investments in new machines and with the refined and well thought out construction of the Qube models Juliana Drivhuse has managed to lower the production costs and keep the production in Denmark.


Juliana Group is a leading global supplier of quality residential greenhouses. Founded in 1963 by Mogens A. Stærmose in Odense, Denmark, the family-owned company is today owned by third generation, Nikolaj Stærmose. The headquarter remains Odense-based with subsidiaries in the UK and Germany and export to more than 20 countries.

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