Glazing with Polycarbonate

In addition to the guide below, you can also watch our assembly videos – find them here.

Important before you start

Glazing with polycarbonate is quick and easy. The polycarbonate sheets are full-length and are attached with plastic beading.

The assembly instructions show you where to attach the sheets and beading. You will need acetone, sandpaper, a small saw, a trimming knife and/or heavy-duty shears to install the polycarbonate.

Start by glazing the roof, then the side sections and finally the end sections.

Step 1

Find the Outward-Facing Side of Each Polycarbonate Sheet

The polycarbonate sheets are UV-protected on one side only. That side is labelled.

It is important to correctly install the polycarbonate sheets, because otherwise they will yellow and become brittle after a few years.

Step 2

Remove the Protective Film

The polycarbonate sheets are delivered with a protective film. Remove this film before attaching them to the greenhouse.

Step 3

Do Not Remove the Label on the Outward Surface

Do not remove the label showing which side of the polycarbonate sheet should face outward.

Step 4

Sand the Edges of the Polycarbonate Sheets

Sand the edges of the polycarbonate sheets along the side. This will maximise the adherence of the silicone sealant when you glue the sheets in place.

Step 5

Attach the Greenhouse to the Base

Press a 3-mm strip of silicone sealant into the side sections.

Step 6

Attach the Finish Beading

Attach the finish beading to the top of each section. Press the “thick” part of the beading over the top of the profile.

The beading may need to be adjusted, particularly in the end sections.

Step 7

Attach Beading to the Bottom Edge

Also attach finish beading to the bottom edge of the sections.

Step 8

Insert the Bottom Edge of the Polycarbonate Sheet First

Install each polycarbonate sheet by first pressing it down into the bottommost finish beading.

REMEMBER: Make sure the correct side of the polycarbonate sheet is facing outwards. This side will be labelled.

Step 9

Then Press the Top Section of the Polycarbonate Sheet Firmly in Place

Then press the polycarbonate sheet into the top finish beading.

REMEMBER: Make sure the correct side of the polycarbonate sheet is facing outwards. This side will be labelled.

Step 10

Click the Finish Beading Firmly in Place on the Side Sections

Then press the finish beading firmly in place on the sides.

Start from the bottom and press them firmly upwards. Press until you hear a “click”, which means they are firmly attached.

Step 11

Remove the Label

After the polycarbonate sheets and all beading are attached, remove the label indicating which side of the polycarbonate sheet should face outwards. The polycarbonate sheets have now been installed.

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