We Help
​​​People Grow

Juliana Group's ultimate purpose is to foster growth.

Our greenhouses provide the framework for growth—in individual gardens, in individual people, for each greenhouse customer, for our partners, for the company and its owners—and within the society and environment surrounding us.

We assist people in growing and thriving. We do this by offering delightful products that allow greenhouse owners to cultivate their crops and spend time in a lovely outdoor space with their loved ones.  

Helping people grow also involves our employees, who every day create our products and distribute them worldwide. Personal growth is a lifelong process, and we take pride in continually developing as an organization and as individuals. We accomplish this by caring for each other, being ambitious, and always insisting on high quality in everything we do.

The desire to foster growth also pertains to our relationship with our partners, where together we help and strengthen the business. This applies throughout the value chain, from suppliers of raw materials and transportation to wholesalers, retailers, and exhibition venues. Collaboration and business should grow and provide value for all parties involved.

On a daily basis, we will contribute to growth through responsible consumption and production—UN Sustainable Development Goal number 12. The greenhouses in our range are made of wood or aluminium, glass, and steel, which are almost 100% recyclable, as both aluminium, glass, and steel can be melted down. We aim to operate a business that promotes growth while minimizing environmental impact through responsible procurement, production, transportation, and operations.

The production of greenhouses requires great precision and some manual handling and packaging, but where possible, we continuously introduce automation and invest in machinery and packing robots. A necessary investment to maintain growth, production, and jobs in Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

We also lend a helping hand to selected projects focused on gardens, education, and community. We engage in spreading the interest in outdoor and gardening experiences among children and adults, in spreading the joy of witnessing nature sprout and the pleasure of producing one's own crops, and in promoting community ties and collective growth through shared gardening experiences. These perspectives underscore the role of greenhouses not only as environments for plant growth but as hubs for learning, innovation, and societal engagement. Therefore, we have chosen UN Sustainable Development Goal number 4 on quality education as another focus area.

Juliana Group - We Help People Grow

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Juliana Group is a leading global supplier of quality residential greenhouses. Founded in 1963 by Mogens A. Stærmose in Odense, Denmark, the family-owned company is today owned by third generation, Nikolaj Stærmose. The headquarter remains Odense-based with subsidiaries in the UK and Germany and export to more than 20 countries.

’We help people grow’. That is why our brands Halls, Juliana, and Gabriel Ash all set the frame for experiences that are as natural as they are magical. Despite our long history, we’re future-focused and curious on how we can improve the sustainability of our greenhouses. Learn more about Juliana and find inspiration for life in the greenhouse in our inspirational universe.​​​​​​​