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The goal behind the creating of the Qube greenhouse range was to create modern and simple greenhouses. Read more about the advantages, design, and functionality.

Halls Qube

Qube is a newly developed range of greenhouses that was launched in 2019. At Juliana, we take pride in greenhouse design and development, and the goal of the Qube series has been to create a modern and simple design that also has several unique features. The square box section profiles that give the name to the greenhouses provide a unique strength despite the light design, where the glass almost ‘floats’. In this way, Qube is a sleek greenhouse that, with its light and timeless design, blends into the environment in which it is built. We believe that Qube is a modern classic that you can personalise and create your own unique outdoor space.

All Qube greenhouses are made of black powder- coated aluminium and come with toughened safety glass throughout, which ensures the streamlined look and gives the greenhouse strength while en- suring an uninterrupted view when you are in the greenhouse. The glass is fitted with double sided14tape and glazing capping, which sits on top ofthe glass and contributes to the sleek look. The greenhouses are constructed with a revolutionary door design on sliders, which provides a strong door that slides smooth and easily. The Qube line consists of Qube and Qube+ free-standing greenhouses with a single or double sliding door, and the Qube Lean-to designed for walls. Halls Qube isproduced in our factory in Odense, Denmark.

Halls Qube gives you

A streamlined greenhouse, with a light and timeless design which blends in with its surroundings. It has a simple appearance that can be subtle or make a statement, it all comes down to the décor and how it’s used – a classic that you can personalise and where you can create your own unique outdoor space.

A solid space with our newly developed box section profiles, which ensures a durable greenhouse that can manage even extreme weather conditions such as storm and torrential rain. The unique box section profiles are constructed so they optimise the aluminium’s strength. This means less aluminium is used for each profile, but the strength is the same as other more traditional profiles. Thus you get a strong and solid greenhouse with a light and elegant look.

A revolutionary sliding door design, gives you a strong door that slides easily. The door uses sliders and is constructed to ensure that it doesn’t jam 16or jump out of the rail. The construction also makes the door very strong and when closed it is flush with the greenhouse and contributes to the elegant finish.

The low threshold allows easy access and makes it easier to wheel in a small wheelbarrow or trolley.

The glass is fitted using glazing capping, ensuring a beautiful finish. The capping is a neat alternative to clips, which damage the overall aesthetics and allows dirt to accumulate around them.

Wide gutters for large amounts of rain and ready for optional 40 mm downpipes. It is an advantage to be able to carry larger amounts of rainwater away, and for example collect it in a water butt and use it for watering. This is great for both the environment and saving money. The downpipes are not included with the greenhouse but can be purchased separately.

3 mm toughened glass offers increased safety and is less likely to be affected by footballs or stones thrown up by the lawnmower. If you are unlucky enough to break a pane it will shatter into small pieces thereby significantly reducing the risk of injury. The toughened glass is provided in full length panels which give the greenhouse a streamlined look and contributes to the airy feel.

There are many ways to organise the greenhouse with automatic vent openers and integrated shelves and tables. Many of the accessories are integrated into the greenhouse profiles which enables you to maximise the space you have and adds an extra dimension without compromising the looks.

To prove the resistance of the design we have tested the greenhouse in a wind tunnel. See if the greenhouse withstands the powerful forces.


Greenhouses in sizes 66 •  68 • 610


Greenhouses in sizes 88 •  812 •  816

Qube Lean-to

Greenhouses in sizes 24 •  26 • 68 •  612

Qube Square

Grenhouse in size 6.3

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