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The Cotswold greenhouse range features greenhouses for every garden. Read more about the Cotswold range below.

Halls Cotswold

The Cotswolds is an area of outstanding natural beauty in south-west England. The hilly region is characterised by cosy small villages, ancient stone walls, winding roads and beautiful gardens. The Cotswold greenhouses are named after a number of villages in the area; Burford and Blockley.

The British garden tradition influenced the design of the Cotswold greenhouses and they carry a reputation for quality and value for money. Mixed with innovative solutions Cotswold offers you the absolute best tool for growing and for personal relaxation to fulfil your greenhouse dreams.

When the Cotswold greenhouses were designed in 2015, it was with the strong English greenhouse tradition in mind, and it evolved to a strong aluminium profile system that is tailored to the sometimes harsh North European climate. For the greenhouses,

A new revolutionary and patented Zero Threshold™ door system was developed, to completely avoid the traditional door threshold profile and thereby get completely free access to the greenhouse. The door sliding system also gives you a greenhouse door that does not jam, as is seen with many greenhouse sliding doors. Halls Cotswold greenhouses are manufactured at our factory in Odense, Denmark.

The Cotswold greenhouses are for gardeners who want a solid greenhouse with strong aluminium profiles based on the classic British model. The eaves height and the total height of the greenhouses provide a spacious place where there is room to unfold your many greenhouse plans for both vegetables, flowers and personal space.

The Cotswold range of Zero Threshold greenhouses

Robust construction
The strong aluminium profiles and integral base speed up the construction process and ensures a long working life. All Cotswold greenhouses are covered by our 12 year frame guarantee.

Cotswold greenhouses have a classic appearance. Clean, modern aesthetics with no unsightly sliding door track. The strong tubular ridge bar gives a robust, more durable building and allows for optional cresting. The profiles have a T-slot, which allows numerous options to install shading, shelves and other practical accessories.

All models feature extra-high eaves for more growing space and working comfort but are not too high to heat economically. The high eaves also allow an increased volume of air for an improved growing environment giving more room for you and your plants.

Zero Threshold™
All Cotswold greenhouses feature the revolutionary, patented, Zero Threshold™ sliding door system. Finally a greenhouse door system has been developed that ensures smooth, jam-free operation. The system also does away with the traditional threshold bar, meaning there is no possibility of tripping. This gives perfect access and makes a Cotswold greenhouse ideal for wheelchair users and ensures wheelbarrow access and safety for children. The much smoother opening and closing operation system also means lower maintenance than traditional greenhouses doors.

Frame and Colours
All five Cotswold models are available in three attractive frame finishes; aluminium, powder coated green and black. The quality of the powder coating has proven to last for decades, so there is no other maintenance than ordinary cleaning once or twice a year.


Cotswold greenhouses come with 3 mm long pane toughened glass.  


Greenhouses in size 610

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Greenhouses in sizes 810 • 812 • 814

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