The Three Greenhouse Brands

Over the years, Juliana Greenhouses has acquired other greenhouse manufacturers, so today, in addition to Juliana, we also offer greenhouses under the two brands Gabriel Ash and Halls.

Gabriel Ash

An absolutely luxurious greenhouse constructed by English carpenters, built with certified Canadian cedar wood, which with its silver-gray patina only becomes more beautiful over the years.


Halls greenhouses

A traditional choice for any garden owner who wants to grow their own produce. Halls consists of three different product lines. The houses are constructed with aluminum profiles, have sliding doors, and 60 cm wide glass.



reenhouses built with sturdy aluminum profiles. Greenhouses with hinged stable doors, low door sills, and 70 cm wide glass - designed and produced in Denmark.


Transform Your Greenhouse Life

Are you looking for fresh inspiration to transform your greenhouse life into a lush paradise? Let's explore new ideas and tips together that will make your green haven even more magical!

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