12 year warranty

Juliana Drivhuse A/S is a privately owned Danish company established in 1963. At Juliana Drivhuse we design, develop and manufacture our greenhouses based on principles of simplicity, aesthetics, functionality and quality. We offer different greenhouse brands that each contains products with unique designs and functionalities, but where the common feature is a correlation between quality and price.
All products are designed and manufactured to last for many years and form the framework for people and the good life, whether it is primarily for cultivation or as an oasis in the garden.

That is why we are willing to provide a 12 years warranty. You can read the full warranty statement here.

In the event of an accident these are you paths to help and assistance.

Spare parts

Our greenhouses are typically produced for many years, and we are therefore capable of delivering spare parts for the majority of the greenhouse models we have produced over time.

If you need a spare part for your greenhouse send a request here and we will get back to you as soon a possible.


All our greenhouses are built according to the highest quality standards. However, should you experience any problems, please contact your dealer, or file a complaint here.

12 year warranty