Greenhouse Care Guide

A greenhouse should be maintained, so it can bring joy and benefit for many years. Good maintenance can extend the life span of your greenhouse.

Remember to clean all corners and profiles when cleaning the greenhouse

– Juliana Greenhouses

Vil du gerne have mest muligt ud af dit drivhus, kan det være en god idé at overveje din drivhus-indretning grundigt og gøre lidt ekstra ud af at få skabt et godt miljø, hvor du har lyst til at bruge tid i det daglige.

If you want to get the most out of your greenhouse, it is a good idea to clean and maintain your greenhouse to ensure optimal growing conditions for your plants and extend the life of the greenhouse.

Prepare the greenhouse for the season

A greenhouse should be maintained, so it can bring joy and benefit for many years. Good maintenance can extend the life span of your greenhouse. Even though greenhouses are constructed from aluminium, that from nature does not rust, the house profiles should still be washed after need. It is important, that the house becomes flushed with clean water after use of cleaning supplies. This can be done with greenhouse cleaner or other mild cleanings supplies. It is important, that the house is cleaned with clean water after use of cleaning supplies.

Powder coated surfaces need normal cleaning with greenhouse cleaner or mild soap solution. Be aware that strong cleaning supplies can bleach the lacquering. For the finishing treatment you can use car wax as extra maintenance and protection. Scratches in the powder coating will not affect the corrosion resistance but will exclusively be of cosmetic character.

Untreated aluminium oxides over time and will become more mat. It is quite natural. A light polishing with suitable lubricant can be done but is not a necessary maintenance.

Gutters should be regularly checked, as leaves and debris can obstruct the natural drainage of water to the greenhouse downspouts. Is your house without downspouts, then your gutters should manually be kept free of dirt.

Lubrication of looks, cylinders, slide bars, and movable parts

Lubrication of looks, cylinders, slide bars, and movable parts should be done a couple times a year. We recommend acid free oil and lubricant. With sliding doors, keep dirt and mud away from slide bars. Is the greenhouse placed near a coast, pay extra attention to lubrication and cleaning. Be aware that daily use and wear and tear over time bring along the need for adjustments of movable parts.

It is most important, that screws, bolts, and nuts are examined regularly to secure a stable and firm construction for many years. If glass/polycarbonate panels are mounted with plastic strips, it is recommended to ensure a couple of times a year that these are properly in place. When the construction is in motion, a strip can work itself out if it hasn't been properly installed from the beginning. In most cases, the strip can be clicked back into place. Plastic strips come with UV protection but can be maintained and refreshed with vinyl refresher.

Polycarbonate plates should be cleaned to keep clear the drain for algae’s, dirt, and mud. A regular dishwasher brush or a soft sponge is recommended for cleaning the plates. The plates are cleaned in the ends where the algae gather, but also on the outside and inside it is important to get it cleaned. You should use mild soap solutions, as the outside UV-protection can be affected, if this is not abided by. The plates durability can be extended by regular cleaning.

Glass is cleaned normally in connection with washing the greenhouse. During the approach of a storm, it is recommended to check the house and possibly tighten up the construction if needed. All doors, windows, and eventually other openings should be controlled if there are properly locked or other safety measures. By snowfall it is recommended to sweep larger snow masses down from the roof, as the weight can become too large and charge the roof.

If the above is carried out, the house will be nice and stable for many years to come.

We wish to congratulate you with your new greenhouse.

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