Halls Traditional

Halls Greenhouses was founded in the UK in 1934. Initially, the greenhouses were made of timber, but later Halls adopted the new material, aluminium, and the company became the first to mass-produce greenhouses for private customers. Hence, Halls Traditional is the essence of the famous English gardening tradition. The models have been copied over and over again, and it is not without reason, as the Halls Traditional greenhouses are of good quality at affordable prices, and you really get value for money. More than eighty years of experience and product development do not fail, and we definitely recommend the original. Most Halls

Traditional are available in silver aluminium, powder-coated green or black aluminium – some are limited in colour. For most of the models, you can choose traditional split horticultural glass, toughened glass or polycarbonate.

The products have been developed over several years and the methods for fitting the glass, for example, varies from model to model. From the spring clips and retaining clips to glazing capping in the newer models. We continue to develop this classic range.

Halls Traditional is for those who prefer a traditional greenhouse in the garden, where simplicity and self-sufficiency are paramount. A safe choice and perfect for novice and experienced gardeners alike.