Halls Qube

Qube is a newly developed range of greenhouses that was launched in 2019. At Juliana, we take pride in greenhouse design and development, and the goal of the Qube series has been to create a modern and simple design that also has several unique features. The square box section profiles that give the name to the greenhouses provide a unique strength despite the light design, where the glass almost ‘floats’. In this way, Qube is a sleek greenhouse that, with its light and timeless design, blends into the environment in which it is built. We believe that Qube is a modern classic that you can personalise and create your own unique outdoor space.

All Qube greenhouses are made of black powdercoated aluminium and come with toughened safety glass throughout, which ensures the streamlined look and gives the greenhouse strength while ensuring an uninterrupted view when you are in the greenhouse.

Halls Qube is the perfect greenhouse for those who want a robust greenhouse, which also has a light and elegant look. The greenhouse will become a modern growing space in your garden, that can also be used as a space for relaxation. A strong choice in a beautiful frame