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Allux Mailboxes is characterized by Danish design, durable materials, aesthetics, and functionality.

Allux mailboxes and mailbox systems are adivision of Juliana, which is well-known for itsgreenhouses, conservatories, pavilions and othergarden products. Juliana is a Danish-ownedcompanyfounded in 1963. With sales in morethan 30 countries, it is now Europe’s largest andmost state-of-the-art greenhouse manufacturer.

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Design by Christian Bjørn in collaboration with Allux.



Design by Michael Stabell and Bent Ulrik Jensen.



Design by Holscher Design


Mailbox Systems

The ultimate solution for your postal needs. Our elegant and durable mailbox systems are designed to organize mail delivery in a flexible way, whether it is for an apartment complex, a cottage area, or a business.

Choose between various designs and sizes, that fits your aesthetics and needs.

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An Allux Mailbox is the Quality Conscious Choice

Mailboxes that Cast Light in Darkness

Working with the designer Christian Bjørn, Allux hascreated a new range of mailboxes with an integratedLED light that switches on by means of a motion sensor.Mailboxes are typically located in dark areas, awayfrom the light of the house, so a light is a big helpwhen collecting parcels and post after dark.

Receive Your Parcels in Style

Clean-cut and beautifully designed parcel mailbox, whichholds large volumes of post and large packages. An overhangforms the characteristic shape, which also protectsyour post from rain and snow. The door is fitted with aRuko lock, and the mailbox has a concealed catch thatlocks the flap. Parcels are easy to retrieve from the large,spacious box. Allux Grundform in a timeless design ismade of galvanised powder-coated steel and comeswith changeable colour/name plates.

Empty Your Mailbox From the Back

Traditional, large, spacious parcel mailbox with “soft close”,made of galvanised powder-coated steel, which is availablein a range of colours and fitted with a Ruko lock.The model is also available with rear retrieval, a practical anduseful solution when placed in a wall, hedge or the like.

Allux Mailboxes
– The Quality Mailbox that fits your needs

Clean and elegant design, that can hold a lot of everything from mail to large packages.

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