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Halls Atrium

Halls Atrium

The Halls Atrium is a beautiful greenhouse with plenty of space for all your plants and for relaxing. The long-pane toughened safety glass makes for an elegant greenhouse, where the view is not interrupted by short panes and clips.

We offer a greenhouse installation service in mainland England and Wales and the following postcodes in Scotland DG, ML, EH, TD. Installations in central London will incur a surcharge. You must purchase the steel base and have prepared a level concrete or slab base in order to have the installation service.


Interior design

Juliana Solar LED-lamp The Solar LED-lamp has 3 LED light bulbs and can be used inside as well as outside the greenhouse. The lamp is made of durable plastic and made for outdoor use. Includes brackets, nuts and bolts.
Varenummer: F04841

Juliana Solar LED-lamp

Juliana Potholder Created for 'Vertical gardening' in the greenhouse. The potholder can be attached in the profile of the greenhouse and thereby make use of wasted space the greenhouse. The potholder has a diameter of 14 centimeters and can hold up to 10 Kg. Cropped head bolt, nut and nut cap is included.
Varenummer: F04842

Juliana Potholder

Shelf brackets - 25 cm Black
Varenummer: F04811

Shelf brackets - 25 cm Black

Shelf brackets - 50 cm Black
Varenummer: F04813

Shelf brackets - 50 cm Black

Juliana tablet holder With the Juliana tablet holder, you can easily bring your tablet into the green­house. Use your tablet in the greenhouse to read newsletters and articles from gardening writers, follow your favorite garden blogs and find inspiration from various social media. The tablet holder is attached to the supplied special fittings, which can easily be mounted in the greenhouse profiles. The holder also fits regular smartphones.
Varenummer: F04849

Juliana tablet holder

Juliana candleholder (tealight) The metal ring is easily fitted directly to the greenhouse profiles and the accompanying glass rests in the ring. Make your greenhouse glow. Includes two metal rings and two glass holders.
Varenummer: F04852

Juliana candleholder (tealight)

Juliana bag holder The large metal ring is created as a bag holder but can be used for multiple practical uses. Used as a bag holder you get a neat solution to easily collect faded leaves and other waste from your greenhouse life.   The bag holder is made of black powdercoated steel. It has a diameter of 30 cm and is suitable for large waste bags. The ring can be fitted directly to the greenhouse profiles and can carry 5 kg.   Special bolts, nuts and nut caps included.
Varenummer: F04850

Juliana bag holder
Climate and cultivation

ZERO THRESHOLD SHADING BLIND (PAIR) Our Roller Blinds are perfect for any greenhouse with 2ft wide glass. Each pack includes 2 roller blinds and fittings. The simple design means that they are fitted in minutes and can be extended and retracted in seconds. Simply screw the suckers to the main body of the blind, stick to your glass and you have protected your tender plants. The shading blinds measure 575mm in width and roll out to 1900mm in length. Total width is 610mm. These are highly recommended and one of our most popular greenhouse accessories. Please note: the blinds will not fit the Qube range of greenhouses.
Varenummer: E05119


Juliana Wirekit Wires in the greenhouse can give you versatile options.You can create shading by hanging light fabric curtains from a wire at the apex of the greenhouse and let the other wire hold the curtain against the glass in the side of the greenhouse.The wires may also be used as a plant support for grape vines and creepers.The set consists of 2 x 6-meter plastic wrapped wires and brackets to enable you to install the kit in the greenhouse profiles.
Varenummer: F04848

Juliana Wirekit

Juliana Plant Spirals A pack of three plant spirals perfect for growing tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse.  Made from a sturdy plastic coated aluminium tubing these spirals can be extended to any length making them ideal for all greenhouses whatever the roof height.  Once extended they form a ridged frame, this makes them ideal for growing tomatoes up or alternatively position them on an angle for growing cucumbers.  The plant spirals come complete with fittings that provide a secure mounting point.
Varenummer: F04905

Juliana Plant Spirals
Various greenhouse accessories

Juliana suspension Hooks - 4 pieces Suspensions hooks can be used for hanging things like garden tools and gloves in the greenhouse. They can be used as a convenient place to hang your coat too. The hooks are attached in the slot in the profiles of the greenhouse.  A packet includes 4 hooks in black plastic as well as brackets, cropped head bolts and nuts for fitting.
Varenummer: F04845

Juliana suspension Hooks - 4 pieces

100LTR MINI RAINSAVER WATER BUTT + STAND If you have limited space, but still want to gather the rainwater from your greenhouse roof, then this slimline water butt is the ideal solution. With a capacity of 100 litres, the water collected should be suitable for most gardens. Complete with its own stand, the water butt will be elevated to allow most watering cans to be filled. This water butt package comes complete with tap and stand. Width 365mm (14 1/2") Depth 330mm (13") Height Water Butt only 960mm (37 3/4") Stand height 290mm (11 1/4") Overall Height 1350mm (53")
Varenummer: E04632


POTTING BENCH - Aluminium A potting bench is a great addition to your greenhouse. A potting bench can be used for small gardening tasks and keeps all your gardening tools organized. The potting bench also keeps the greenhouse free of spilt growing media. PRODUCT SIZEL: 591 mmW: 554 mmH: 1016 mm
Varenummer: 70684


Halls Atrium

The Halls Atrium is a beautiful greenhouse with plenty of space for all your plants and for relaxing. The long-pane toughened safety glass makes for an elegant greenhouse, where the view is not interrupted by short panes of glass and clips.

The greenhouse has double sliding doors as standard. Three opening side windows ensures extra ventilation.

Halls Atrium comes with 3mm long pane glass in the sides and 6mm polycarbonate panels on the greenhouse roof.

The recommended optional steel greenhouse base speeds up the construction process and means you do not need construct a brick or timber base. 


The line-drawing shows the external measurements of the house. Base dimensions are here:
Base measurements


Item no.: F09525

Width: 12'4" / 3.76 m.

Length: 12'4" / 3.74 m.

Eaves: 1.82 m.

Ridge: 2.87 m.

Possibility of safety glass: Yes

Door handles with lock: Yes

Smooth running sliding door: Yes

Number of windows: 3 pcs.