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Cotswold Burford

Various greenhouse accessories

GREEN 100LTR MINI RAINSAVER WATER BUTT + STAND - Green If you have limited space, but still want to gather as much rainwater as possible, then this slimline water butt is the ideal solution. With a capacity of 100 litres, the water collected should be suitable for most small and medium gardens. Complete with its own stand, the water butt will be elevated to allow most watering cans to be filled. This water butt package comes complete with tap stand and a filler kit to collect the water from your house downpipe, or alternatively simply divert your downpipes into the butt from a shed or greenhouse. Width 365mm (14 1/2") Depth 330mm (13") Height Water Butt only 960mm (37 3/4") Stand height 290mm (11 1/4") Overall Height 1350mm (53")


POTTING BENCH - Aluminium A potting bench is a great addition to your garden. A potting bench can be used for small gardening tasks and keeps your gardening tools organized. The potting bench also keeps the greenhouse free of mess. The potting bench can be used in the greenhouse or on a patio on nice days.

Climate and cultivation

ZERO THRESHOLD SHADING BLIND (PAIR) Our Roller Blinds are perfect for any greenhouse with 2ft wide glass. Each pack includes 2 roller blinds and fittings. The simple design means that they are fitted in minutes and can be extended and retracted in seconds. Simply screw the suckers to the main body of the blind, stick to your glass and you have protected your tender plants. The shading blinds measure 575mm in width and roll out to 1900mm in length. Total width is 610mm.


Cotswold Burford


Cotswold Burford greenhouse is the best seller in the range. It combines traditional British looks with modern greenhouse technology and design.

The Cotswold Burford Greenhouse is a classic 6' wide greenhouse, features a single smooth sliding Zero Threshold™ door, eradicating the hazard of tripping over the door bar.

High eaves and large roof vents create the perfect growing space. Wide gutters ensures you can harvest more rainwater and makes for easy cleaning of leaves. Down pipes are supplied as standard.

The Cotswold Burford greenhouse is available in three frame colours, silver aluminium, or green and black powder coated finishes. There are three glazing types to choose from, 3mm short pane hoticultural glass, 3mm long pane toughened safety glass and 6mm twin wall polycarbonate.

The Cotswold Burford is manufactured in our factory in Gloucestershire, Great Britain. All cotswold greenhouses come with our 12 year guarantee. Buy today in confidence direct from the manufacturer.


Item no.: V01599

Width: 6'5" / 1.942 m.

Length: 6'5" / 1.942 m.

Eaves: 5'3" / 1.6 m.

Ridge: 7'7" / 2.3 m.

Roof prepared for decorations: Yes

Door handles with lock: Yes

Smooth running sliding door: Yes

Number of windows: 2 pcs.

Number of downspouts: 2 pcs.